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How do Air Poppers Work?

Traditionally, making popcorn involved heating oil which could then be hot enough to pop popcorn. Actually this is common practice even now with many advances made on the method including the making of solar-powered popcorn makers. These uses solar to heat oil which on turn cooks the popcorn. Popcorn cooked using oil can also be made by using an oven or electric oil-based popcorn poppers. With the urge to live healthier lives has come the advent of best air poppers. These are popcorn makers that use of hot air to pop the corn instead of oil. Popcorns made using this method do not have the extra oil found in conventionally cooked ones. They are therefore a healthier option.

Now that you know why choosing the best air poppers is better than those that use oil you may be wondering how they work. These are equipped with a heating element which heats air. This heated air is then directed to the popcorn kernels which explode due to an increase in internal pressure. This pressure is created by the conversion of water in the corn to steam. With an increase in heat from the heated air, the pressure builds up and when a kernel cannot stand it anymore its fibrous hull breaks and the corn pops. 

When you buy the best air poppers you will not only end up with popcorn that is healthy and safe for your body but also one that is fluffy and tasty. These are fluffier that popcorn made using oil because they have air incorporated in them. On the downside, if you are used to oil-flavored popcorn you may not find those made with air poppers appealing to your taste buds. You can however season them as you desire.

Bottom line, air poppers are a good alternative if you like popcorn but are concerned on excessive consumption of oil.

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