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easiest way to turn a guy on; what a woman should do to keep her man happy

Easiest way to turn a guy on can be defined by what a woman should do to keep her man happy. The simple reasons includes;

First, all men are different. I know we try and pigeon hole the entire gender, but the fact is, men are as complicated a creature as we ladies are and every man responds to different stimuli. 

For example, some men have massive amounts of testosterone coursing through their veins and would respond favorably to an aggressive woman in the bedroom, wearing daring unmentionables and talking dirty. To others, this would be a complete turn off. 

Second, men instinctually know when a women is not being sincere. There’s a reason why you have been drawn to an article on how to make your man happy. Chances are good you are very close to losing him or feel he has lost interest in you. 

No “expert” can tell you what all men need. The truth of the matter is, your guy is with you for a reason, something originally attracted him to you. It’s time to take a look at yourself in the mirror and see if you are the same person he fell in love with. Go ahead, take a good long look. 

I think that if you are being completely honest and objective, your probably not as happy with yourself as you used to be either. We all age, gain weight, grow complacent and lazy. We have families and careers that sap our energy and the easiest thing in your life to neglect unfortunately, is that which you’ve grown comfortable with, your relationship with your man. 

If there is one thing the majority of men do not like, it’s slipping down your ever fluctuating scale of what’s important and what can be attended to later. 

The energy you once focused on the singular him, has now got to be divided between a thousand other things. Just as a plant withers and dies in the shade, so does your relationship. And you cannot start feigning interest, dressing sexy, talking dirty, being spontaneous and so on if it is not something you are currently doing. You will only confuse the poor man and make matters worse.

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